The Smartest Bike Lock in the World

$40 Off

Key Feature


No keys, lock with app


100dB alarm with app notifications


Lightest smart bike lock


Share your bike through the app


Real-time riding data analysis


6 months usable battery life

Be the One with the Bike

Install Bisecu on the front wheel of the bike and keep it there all the time. There is no need to carry or uninstall the device once it is installed. Bisecu is carefully designed to harmonize with your bike without degrading its appearance.

Strong Material

Bisecu is made of durable aluminum alloy so that it is not easily deformed by strong external impact as well as daily usage. Through multiple precise manufacturing processes, Bisecu achieved its detailed finishing.

$40 Off

Forget the lock,
Don't worry about anything else.

Don’t worry about locking your bike.

Bisecu will protect your bike with an innovative security system.

Keyless Operation

You do not need to carry a key anymore. Bisecu pairs with smartphones to operate remotely, it will save your time of locking and unlocking process.

Safety Always Comes First

The convenience of Bisecu comes from multiple safety components with state-of-the-art technology and numerous tests have been conducted to verify its reliability. Now, you can enjoy convenience without worrying.

4 Precision Motion Sensors

​Built-in four precisive motion sensors will recognize the status of the bike. Bisecu has a safety feature of preventing from getting locked while you are riding.

Locking is enabled when four sensors detect a stop for at least 5 seconds.





Malfunction Prevention Design

Bisecu’s circuit contains several anti-malfunction de signs. Even if a wrong signal or current is input, it never operates. Furthermore, a double safety spring is built in to prevent problems with the lock pin.

10,000 km / 100K Test

Bisecu’s anti-lock technology has passed more than 10,000 kilometers and 100,000 test runs.
2-hour Charging,
6-months Using

Plug and charge Bisecu with micro-USB. One full charge takes only 2 hours, and you can use it for up to 6 months. In case the battery is depleted, 1-minute charge enables you to use Bisecu for at least an hour.

$40 Off

Bisecu's Smart App

The Bisecu app is smarter than any other cycling apps. The app not only works as a smart key, but it also records real-time riding data such as speed, distance, time and calories burnt. Moreover, the sharing function allows users to share the use of Bisecu with others.


Bisecu can be installed on the majority types such as roads, hybrids, and fixies and more. (Specially designed bikes and MTBs are excluded)



Bisecu's anti-detachment mechanism allows you to disassemble bisecu only in the unlocked state. Meaning nobody can detach Bisecu while it is locked.

Weather Resistance

Bisecu has a high-level performance of damp and dust resistance for operation even in extreme conditions. It can be used in all types of weathers.

Hot or Cold

Bisecu works well in summers and winters. It can be used in -5℃ ~ 40℃ temperatures.

Easy Mounting

Anyone can mount fast and easy with a simple tool that we provide.


Micro-USB Charging Part

LED Lighting System

Alluminum Alloy Body

Bisecu's locking mechanism is hiiden by durable aluminum alloy which makes it difficult to server or destroy.

The outer LED rim beautifully reacts with different colors according by the riding speed.

Bisecu battery works up to 6 months with a single 2-hour charge with a micro USB cable.










355g (Body Only)

Full charge in 2 hours

6 month of usage

Li-ion battery

Connection Method

Connection Length

Bluetooth 4.0

Up to 30m