Drop Your Keys

The Bisecu connection works up to 30 meters(=100 feet) with Bluetooth 4.0. It gives you an incredible experience of controlling everything with a smartphone without a key. You can lock and unlock through the app. Also, Bisecu is locked as you walk away and is unlocked as you approach when it is in automatic mode.

Plan Your Riding Goals

Try setting up more precise goals by analyzing your daily saved riding data. Bisecu app can be a good motivation for your cycling practice.

Check Your Speed at a Glance 

Bisecu app provides you accurate real-time riding data such as time, distance, speed and even calories burnt through multiple motion sensors inside. All the data is automatically saved in the app. You can grasp your own ride information and set goals to enjoy smarter rides.

Download Now

Download bisecu app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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