- Use the original or approved cable for charging. Use of unauthorized cables may cause the product to malfunction or result in electric shock or fire.

- Do not plug the cable into the charging port with wet hands. It may cause electric shock, short circuit or fire.

- Always connect the charger to an outlet with a ground terminal. Connecting to an ungrounded outlet may result in electric shock.

- Plug in the cable properly. Do not pull or twist the power cable, and do not cut it.

- Do not place in a place where electromagnetic waves are strong. BISECU may react sensitively to electromagnetic waves.

- Use between -5 °C and 40 °C (23°F and 104°F) . Do not use in cold or hot and humid environment. Use in an enclosed environment of less than -5 °C or high temperature may cause explosion, fire or malfunction.

- Do not use in thunderstorms, where there is lightning. If the product gets wet in rain, it may cause malfunction and electric shock due to lightning.

- Do not store in direct sunlight, humidity or dusty places. The color of the product may change or become damaged.

- Do not cover with blanket or cloth during use. Heat generated during use can cause fire or deform the product.

- Do not allow foreign substances to enter the connectors or holes. It may cause malfunction.

- Do not spill liquid on the device such as water or beverage. Parts and circuits may be damaged, and there is a risk of fire or electric shock from battery heat generation.

- In case of getting wet, contact your nearest service center. (However, this case is not eligible for free service.)

- If the product smells of burning odors, smoke, or strange sounds, stop using it and contact the customer service center. Avoid vibration and impact.

- Install in a place where children and pets cannot be touched.

- Do not drop it on the floor or hit it on a hard place.

- Do not use chemical solvents (alcohol, benzene, solvent, thinner, etc.) or cleaning agents. Risk of fire and damage to the product. Use a soft cloth or towel when cleaning foreign objects or dust.

- Keep yourself away from the continuous alarm sound. Hearing damage may cause injury or an accident.

- Do not disassemble, repair, or disassemble the product. In this case, it will be excluded from the warranty service. Contact the customer service center when inspection is necessary.

- Do not use arbitrary or illegal apps. The Company is not responsible for any problems caused by this issue.

- Do not control the product or app while riding a bicycle. The Company is not liable for any problems caused by such behavior.

- Observe Safety Regulations when riding a bicycle. The Company is not liable for any problems/accidents caused by negligent, carelessness or reckless riding.

- Do not move the bicycle during the lock / unlock operation.

- If operation is not possible in the locked / unlocked state, do not forcefully manipulate it, and contact the customer service center.

- BISECU is an excellent locking device, but perfect theft prevention is impossible. Always keep your bicycle safe from theft. BISECU INC makes no warranties for theft of bicycles.

- Check the product periodically.

- Check the condition of the product before riding the BISECU installed bicycle. Do not ride the bicycle and remove the product if it is abnormal.

- Always use the latest Bisecu app and firmware.


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